Friday, 17 July 2015

Buckets and Banners

container and unstraight banners

nearly straight banner and debris
Well, really it started at Otley. I have for years been bemoaning the fact that when we look at pictures of the gigs we play, we are all standing in rubbish - handbags, bottles of water, cheese sandwiches, jackets, paper worksheets, spare sticks, small children. And nowhere does this look worse than when we are on a float, when people's heads are in line with our handbags.
In real life I join a big list of people who have an obsession with containers, and buy them when the big stores bring them out in as many colours and sizes as they have. With no known need for at all.
We couldn't fit the Foxcubs in the bucket!
Until the float at Otley Carnival.
debris and buckets

So now, the plan is for all the debris to be contained, and much better it looks too. Until we forget of course!
Next I am trying to find a band member, one for each band who as is obsessed with straight rows and parallel lines as I am, so that our banners proudly proclaim who we are, while I am freed up to discuss where exactly it is we can't park with security guards. 
Outside Arena for Grand Depart, one small bag, banners nearly straight.
great buckets
great buckets Otley Carnival, shame about the banners

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