Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Foxwood Steel Play Shaun and Megan's wedding

Saturday opened up warm and sunny, and so it stayed. It was such a day to be married on, and, as it happened, it was the day picked by Shaun and Megan for their wedding at the Beauchief Hotel in Sheffield.

We were me [Victoria], Bex, Charlotte, Ashley, Varshika, Amy, Vicky, Natalie, Sophie.
setting up

At Sheffield Station I exchanged Rick for Ash. Rick had driven down on the motorway [not my sport these days!], and then took train back to Leeds. I took Ash and Charlotte onto the hotel, where we greeted with the offer of a cuppa. Whether from hotel or wedding, that was the best way to feel welcome.
The bridesmaids played guessing games with the tunes, but were flummoxed by Electricity! Told them they needed someone who was raving in the eighties [and I mean that in the nicest possible way!]. Electricity was arranged by friend and one time Foxwood player, Xanthe. It is one of my all favourite songs, as played by OMD, and as played by us.
The official photographer was Deborah Stone, and some of these she took with my camera [which is why we may all be on one pic]. Thanks, Deborah.
Bex was a roll with finding so many of  her pan sticks in the general bag.
Back to Leeds to brace ourselves for the Waterfront.
on a roll!

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