Monday, 22 June 2015

East Steel at Holy Rosary and St Anne's

It's that time of year when Lyndsey emails us and we gather a small team together to bring the sound of steelpans to Leopold Street. It's a street that Wanda and I remember well from our times, at different times working at the lovely Leopold School. Wanda was teacher and steel band leader there in her time, and a few years later I was the peri there, and steel band leader there.
In the early 80s she and I, unaware of each other were sharing StClair Morris as our steelpan teacher. I was in a high school in Seacroft, and Wanda was in primary school in Chapeltown. I still do Give Me Hope Johanna and she still does the Little Scale Song.
So, it's history that has drawn us back. Today we are me, Bex, Wanda, Kirsty, Lynn, Trish, Anne and Yi Bai. Trish did the set list. Bex vetoed a few tunes. We took in tea and buns and I bought more tomato plants - sometimes I think it's the only reason I go to summer fairs, get the plants I forgot to plant early!
Then it's home early to get braced for Otley Carnival, and work out how to fit tomorrow's 20-strong band into the little blue Transit. All but one of today's players are on tomorrow's float, and Anne and Lynn have come all the way over from Yeadon to Leeds Centre on a Friday after work. Much appreciated. Keeping music live and local [well not to Anne and Lynn! That's to come.]
If you would like to book a steelband or learn to play pans please contact us on East Steel is a Leeds ArtForms music centre band

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