Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Assorted Steelband at Allerton Grange

I promised Vicky that, if she would play at Allerton Grange, it would be lovely weather. Well, it was sunny, but also windy.
We were me, Vicky, and from Allerton Grange - Claudia, Phil and Alice.
nice reflections in the windows
A lady came up to us and asked if we could liven it up a bit with some Rihanna. I told her we only had one member of the actual school band, and that we were sight-reading our way  through the New World Foxwood Songbook. [And I thought, not doing too bad.]
Anyway we reconsidered our set and managed a bit of Michael Jackson. You Are Not Alone. No we weren't, but it was a close thing!
What a hoot! What did Charlotte always say, in the manner of Laurel and Hardy, "Is this another fine mess, Victoria, that you have got me into?" Well I reckon it was!
Thanks to Laura for the lovely pics, and for getting the teas, and here's Avtar's dhol-players who followed us.
All the pan players above first learnt pans with Leeds ArtForms. If you would like to learn steelpans or book a steelband please contact Leeds ArtForms, or find us at foxwoodpanyard@outlook.com.

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