Sunday, 28 June 2015

Flare at Woodhouse Community Centre

Woodhouse Community Centre
During the spring term I did a short series of mixed percussion instrument sessions with the Flare schools [Little London, Rosebank, Quarry Mount, Blenheim, Brudenell]. Working with Kristy, Kate, Louis, Muna, Nik, Alex and the gang. Then a brief extra session in June.
And now tonight's the night [as Rod once said, about something quite different]. We are at Woodhouse Community Centre, just down the road from where I live.
Carnival Messiah steelband leader and Preacher Man 13 yrs on
What a fabulous show!
 Dave, with whom I shared two five-week runs at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, in 1999 and 2002 [to be precise] bobbed up as the samba leader. Incredible! I am not just saying that cos we always used to love saying hi to "Preacher man" every evening in Green Room, and later shared hugs and lager in the Playhouse bar.
But because this was a good thing all round. Good experience, good product. And the complications of what was happening here, at Flare at Woodhouse Community Centre, with the total involvement of all kids and support staff - massive.
Andy Victoria Adam Dave
The Chemic
Then singing with man from South Africa - lovely, lovely. [Will insert name when I get it]. The children obviously and deservedly loved him.
My bunch of steelpannists, glockists and djembeists - I was so proud. We played Buffalo Gals and In the Hall of the Mountain King. Kristy did a solo. Yo.
Rebecca let me take a photo of me with Quarry Mount sons: Adam and Andy. I joined the band for the last song. in Aflat [that's a chord sequence, not a date]. As long as there's no solo involved.
Then I went back home with pans in the car and then cycled back down to the pub. The Chemic. In Woodhouse, Leeds. Amazing. Well done to Nik and Alex. A good evening.
Next. One wedding and a festival.

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