Sunday, 21 June 2015

Quarry Mount at Quarry Mount, Springbank at Springbank

I hate going out of chronology, and I have missed two schools gigs. Here's putting amends.

 Quarry Mount, in waiting
One of the best things about teaching in primary schools is the summer term. By this time all of the classes know all their chords, all of their djembes rhythms, stay in time with each other, can sight-read the Foxwood Songsheets and much more besides. And schools know how to set up before I arrive so they becoming independent as I try to make myself redundant!
And they do concerts and summer fairs and stuff like that for parents and for the public. And on this blog, I don't count assemblies but I do count any events in which parents and/or other members of the public are invited.

Quarry Mount in waiting
So Quarry Mount's International Evening was on Thursday 21 May. Bex and I teach Sparrows, Steelettes and East Steel on Thursdays at City of Leeds. As I share this role with Bex, at precisely 6.30, I shot away from the night-classes, down the road, into the primary school, where Dale and the gang had set up pans and glocks. I saw the end of the break-dancing, leapt into the performance area, launched into In the Hall and Coming Round the Mountain. Back before I even left.
Springbank in waiting 2
Springbank in waiting 1
Two weeks later on 3 June Springbank invited in its parents to the concerts at the end of a Wednesday afternoon. We played Mice and Monsters, I Gave My Love a Cherry Drunken Sailor, Camptown Races, In the Hall of the Mountain King.
Ruby and her gang organised everything, choosing the tunes, arranging one of them, setting up, and writing lists, all that stuff
And then here comes the very worst thing about the summer term - I have become attached to every single Year Six, and they are all about to leave.  I hope to meet them in their high schools; at least I hope they will continue with steel pans in their high schools. Sadly this is rarely the case.
concerts pics to follow permissions permitting

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