Sunday, 31 May 2015

Foxwood Steel at Owlcotes M&S Charity Day

Well, it's May half-term and we have no gigs booked. Astonishing. I decide the time for some new kittens has come.
irrelevant pic of Dibble and Mittens
Well, first we have no requests and then three come at once. Which are actually all at the same place. However, we can only do the Friday.
Well, reader, this was a cracker!

For a start, we were inside which I thought would be acoustically overkill. Not so. Customers were complimenting M and S on our performance, one person phoned in to say how they enjoyed the "theatre". The manager told us we were "outstanding". Sophie B H looked after us really well.

It was a good feeling.
Pots of tea. Crisps and strawberries. Compliments, and more compliments. Someone came up close, looked at us and said, "You have no microphones. This is really you making all this lovely sound." One person came up very close and told us we were too loud.

Met the gang that Vicky and I had worked with at Crawshaw for a decade or more. And ex-colleagues of Wanda kept popping up. 
We were me, Bex, Amy, Sophie, Varshika [on half term from Liverpool Uni!], Vicky, Yi Bai, Wanda, Kirsty. Foxcubs, literally waiting in the wings, were James and Michael.
Varshika said she only came once she knew we already had a drummer, but she was tempted out of drum retirement for We Nah Goin Home and Yi Ba tackled double seconds for the first time. Only three chords. Yi Bai took it in his stride.
Now it's back to kitten-watch. Purr.
Foxwood Steel is an all-acoustic steelband playing everything from traditional West Indian calypso/soca to pop, reggae and classical. If you want to book a band or learn to play pans yourself please email

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