Friday, 2 May 2014

Torville and Dean at Leeds Arena

So Debs , it's Sunday 27 April 2014.
I went downtown Leeds with Lola, Daisy and Diane.  And I cannot begin to describe the affection and admiration I feel for these two people that we are about to watch skate; and that I am not at all alone in this makes it one of the best feelings ever. I can't skate or ski myself [anymore] because my knees have suffered too many texting accidents, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful.
Debs, they are Jane and Chris, and yesterday I was in Dancing On Ice Heaven at Leeds Arena. I saw my favourite Beth Tweddle; I saw Joe the Comedian who was rubbish; I saw Ray who is charisma on ice, but still not my favourite, and Debs, then, Debs, I saw Jane and Chris.
And absolutely nobody, nobody gets anywhere near.
And at the end, when they danced Bolero, everyone stood up here at slightly reticent Leeds. One by two by two hundred stood up till the whole arena was on its feet, and we clapped and clapped and clapped and I cried .  .  .  and we went on clapping like no encore I ever saw or felt before, and I felt that feeling of sharing that love for these two ordinary guys with an extraordinary dream, and who have a style of skating that no one else comes anywhere near.
Torville and Dean touch my heart, as they do the world over, and they put me in touch with everybody else, whose heart is also touched.
We got it, and stood up in our thousands at Leeds to say so. 

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