Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows and Foxwood Steel play Harrogate International Festival of Music and Performing Arts

waiting to play
So Debs, this is a gig I thought the Sparrows would jump at, but no. It's Easter and Sparrows are jumping elsewhere. Duke of Edinburgh awards, holidays proper, and mostly trying to avoid marching! What, I hear you say!
Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2013
Harrogate 2013
London Notting Hill 2006
In vain do I discuss the thrills of Notting Hill carnival, walking down Ladbroke Grove as part of a 40 strong Nostalgia marching band.
London  Notting Hill 2012
London Notting Hill 2012
All they remember is the discomfort, the bad backs, tripping off the kerb and into concrete bollards, trying to catch up with each other and the band before and only playing 3 or 4 chord songs for hours on end, and at no point ever being in time with each other.

Here's some pics of previously marching [Harrogate, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Notting Hill]: 
Well, Debs, isn't that the best bit?
Anyway, I change it to static only, and ask Foxwood for support, and bless them, they turn out in their 6 and 1/2. Obviously Varshika has her arm in a sling - again! This just means she plays bass and Ashley is our drummer.
A man buys our CD, says it'll be something for him to listen to while he does the ironing. That's random, and very precise.
In the end we were Millie C, Millie S, Ashley, Claudia, Charlotte, Amy, Varshika, Vicky, Sophie, Georgia and me. And I don't know where Trish had disappeared to [hope it wasn't dangerous or illegal!] to get these fabulous aerial shots, but they are so Lowry. Just look at those shadows. Love 'em.
Walking back from Burley Park Station, I found the back alleys of Hyde Park [Leeds] quite full of families playing cricket. I sneak a photo. See below.

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