Saturday, 10 May 2014

Foxwood Steel at Oakwood Clock

Now I am at Oakwood, Debs. Oakwood Clock. Bex and the gang have set up and started. And Debs we have three proper drummers! Like flippin' buses. However Natalie stays on guitar pans today and it's up to Bart and Tim to take turns keeping the beats.
We were also myself, Bex, Daisy, Sophie, Vicky, Katie and Georgia.
After we rocked through our favourite tunes, Christine asked if we would cross the road and play at Oakwood Library. Well Debs, I lived here as a kid in Oakwood and I vividly remembering saying to myself that I had read all the books in the Children's Section, and thinking I would have to move on to the Adult Bit. So I have a vivid memory of, and a soft spot for this particular place.
Well Debs, after you've been a roll, it is hard to stop, move and start again, but we had with us my new secret weapon! Possibly the first ever single over-size single bass with C, F and G on it! It's a world exclusive premier! Only took eight years of hassling Grafton for. See me below playing it behind Sophie.
So, with some help from friends and partners we carried the stuff across Roundhay Road, set up, Bex started a solo on Trini to the Bone, where she played unaccompanied for what must have seemed likes hours until Tim decided to drum along, and bit by bit we joined her, and my favourite moment was when Gig took over the melody so Bex could go have a chord strum break. And we never spoke a word to each other.
Then the Lord Mayor gave a speech, and then we loaded the van again, then Christine came back to get her mother because the Library wanted to close, then had a chat with Fabian H MP, and then another with ex-teacher from Foxwood, and then we all went home . . .  to unload!
Next - John's party . . this evening.

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