Monday, 19 May 2014

Sparrows, Seacroft Grange, Beechwood, Oulton, Steel Silc, Allerton Allstars play Wharfedale Festival.

So, Debs, it's that time of year again! And I forget to book the big works' van, so first off - it's four trips there and back. And Diane, Natalie and I check out the Railway on the Monday night after Load One. half a lager? I could stayed there all night.
Wharfedale Festival was probably established well before they invented SATs. But the weeks coincide. Plus, for the first time ever, my sixth formers are too involved with revision, and A and AS levels to be able to play it, so Sparrows are Millie S, Ashley [one-handed], Naomi, Claudia, Bella, George. So that's six [well, five and a half] out of a possible fourteen. Eek.
Wanda is missing Yr 6 from her primary school crew, Xanthe from John Jamieson is down to two. Natalie has a full house from the Seacroft schools, including several players who are the sons and daughters of my ex-students from Foxwood [which is unbelievably mind-blowing for me], and Allerton Allstars are Kris, Adam, Seb, Finlay, Isobel, Sophie and Josie.
Bex, Bart and Vicky are on hand for Sparrows and Allerton; Wanda has Kirsty and a selection of staff and aprents, Natalie and Xanthe have themselves and parents.
First off is the meeting at the Station. Finlay tries in vain to avoid the photograph! However it seems that the younger they are the earlier they arrive. Well, that's a habit I'm not keen they should break.
Then it's the blocking of the pavement while we wait for Kings Hall to open; then the setting up of five bands [with forty-odd players] with some coinciding pans or drum-kit. Nightmare. Then we have playing of the tunes.
First on is Allerton with Redemption Song and Oh When the Saints, next up is Steel Silc with Xanthe's composition, then Seacroft Grange/Beechwood with Impossible, A Message to You Rudi and Matilda. Now it's Oulton with Scale Song, Hallelujah and Lazy Coconut. Then Sparrows with I Could Have Danced All Night and The Flood.
And just as the brass bands thought it was time for their entrance it was time for every pan player to get up on stage and give it a massed Buffalo Gals in G. After she has sight-read it twice, I see that Millie S has now learnt the tune so we get a melody/kit solo then back to tutti.

Then it's chips [for which Vicki tours Otley!] waiting for the train, the near miss from the pop bottle, But whatever and chips after Wharfedale, and then hanging about for the 8.28, well, it's a tradition.

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