Saturday, 10 May 2014

TUC Rally

Is this business, pleasure or politics? I don't know. It is the May Day TUC rally. We used to play as people assembled. Then they put us on their banner. How proud? And how many times do I look at that banner and feel proud? Well, every Mayday since.
Foxwood at TUC rally 2004 remembering Royal Park School

Best story and worst was, that the year they put on the flag we didn't get the message that they wanted us to play, so after years of playing these rallies in all sorts of weather [you may remember the piece of plastic tied between a lamppost and a car aerial!][will post the pic when I find it], I was disappointed; then I turned up to march [sans band] and then they were disappointed! EEk and double eek!
However this Saturday Foxwood also has a gig at Oakwood Clock, so in the morning, I drive the van over to Oakwood and leave it there, get a lift with Christine back to town, march from outside the Art Gallery, then leave Patrick and Richard in Vicar Lane, fail to find a taxi by the Markets, fail to get the X98 bus, find a taxi after all.
The TUC march was well attended and went forward in a very jolly way.

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