Saturday, 10 May 2014

John and Charlotte's party

Well I was just watching Ronnie and Mark battle it out at the Crucible, but hey ho, man there's I-player and it's party-time. I plan to drive over to Burley, so only drink one can of beer, and come back for the kill.
Which is what I did. Ace. J and C have such lovely friends. We sit around the fire in the back garden; but the cat I would like to photograph refuses to get back into the supermarket bag.
As I leave John and pal are now in the kitchen with the double bass and guitar. Excellent. I go back to discover that Ronnie has not reached the 18th frame after all, which I find very disappointing - me and most of the country, I would think.
Next morning Lola and Mig are messing about with syrup on porridge.

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