Monday, 23 December 2013

Foxwood Steel, Allerton Grange Allstars, Baby Steel, Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows, East Steel rock Tropical World Saturday

Day Two,

First up we have Josie and Sophie representing Allerton G Allstars, supported by Foxwood. I found them at the end of the massive queue waiting to see them [-selves]. We play Brown Girl in the Ring, One More River, then a few Christmas tunes, taking us up to Rosa representing Baby Steel, then they support her with Jingle Bells in C and African Noel. 

Next up it's East Steel. This is Wanda, Kirsty, Anne, Lynn, Trisha, me, Vicky and Bex. We play some Christmas stuff plus our latest piece de resistance: The Flood, with Bex soloing on the tune. Superb.

Plus, Trish has brought in her version of Holy Night. Superb.

After East Steel it's Sparrows Mark 2. This time it is Bella, Chloe, Millie S and Claudia.  Mostly seasonal, then we put in Clocks. There's no F sharp or C sharp on these double basses, so the single second-players are ready poised to step in.

The cockroach is giving us a wide berth this evening. But the Sparrows are happy to play on with Foxwood for a more tunes, so by the time you and Sophie appear we quite a big outfit.

Then as the evening draws to a close, up pops Adam from Allerton Grange, with his mum. Inevitably I ask him guest; he agrees and Foxwood and co back him on Monday Morning. Absolutely made my evening, as did the other Allerton Grangers earlier on.

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