Saturday, 21 December 2013

East Steel plays Leeds Town Hall

On Wednesday, it was East Steel's turn to tread the historic boards [and the new bit of stage at the front]. We were me and Bex [joint leaders and occasional sparring partners], Vicky, Joyce, Wendy, Cheryl, Becky, Jeanette, Trish, Anne, Lynn,Wanda, Kirsty with Peter guesting, and Bart on kit.  [Unusually we had rehearsed with the drummer the week before. Don't worry - I'm sure we won't make a habit of it.]

We had planned to give a mash-up of Harry Potter and Hedwig's Theme till we discovered that we playing the same set of notes and chords. So, time to remember Lou Reed, and bring out Hallelujah, but with a little twist. I planned to locate an angel and ask the audience, when the angel was waving, to sing along with the chorus.

Well, Vicky scoured Leeds, but no angels. She returned with a snowman. Besides Hallelujah and Harry Potter we played The Flood [by Gary B]. I copied out The Flood a few weeks before, and me and East Steel secretly tried it when Bex was away, and then presented to her the following week. A couple of days later, Bex opined, "The Flood's great, shame we haven't time to do it for the Town Hall Concert" I had to tell her it was already on the printed programme. In the end it was great!

As an apperitif we raced through Walking in the Air, I saw Three Ships, Jingle Bells, Last Christmas and ?. For the prize-giving we stopped and started our way through Rudolf.

Xanthe brought the lovely Steel Silc to play their Beethoven Seven/Too Close [Alex Clare] mash-up. Two steelbands on the Town hall stage at the same time. Mmmmm!

The snowman did indeed direct the audience singing the chorus to Hallelujah.

Next thing I knew, Snowman had been kidnapped by the Lord Mayor, and was now appearing at the other stage of the stage as Mayoral sidekick!

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