Monday, 23 December 2013

Foxwood and Sparrows at Tropical World Friday

Ah Debs, the delightful slog that is Tropical World, but where's the sand! What no more watching your shoes fall part, dragging pans here and there across sand, like walking in treacle. Not enough space to swing all the cats we brought.

 Did I mention Claudia and the cockroach?

Debs, I'm loving these bare boards. After the trio success of the baby raves we decided we would play these small spaces with three singles with pride. However, there's all this space, and all these bands. And Debs, here you in Leeds again. Yippee!

First off this evening is Foxwood Steel: me, Bex, Vicky, Sarah, and every so often I would turn round and find that baby Daniel has made an appearance and Sarah is playing two notes with one hand. Then I spot a lady (from Garforth) showing someone how the song sheets work. Next up she is guesting on "Silent Night".

Peter arrives early for the Sparrows' slot. Ah, Peter just get in here. Ah Peter, just solo this tune you're sight-reading. Ah Ashley, early, great. Just get in here. What, not played this tune before? It's easy! "We Nah Goin' Home"? Why not!

Soon Foxwood melts into Sparrows as Ciara and Claudia join us. And then the cockroach. We never saw Claudia move so fast or squeak so loud! After that we all fought over who was going to get photographed with aforementioned escaped reptile dinner.

Then you [Debs], Tim and Sophie replace Vicky and Sarah. One by one the Sparrows leave. The tunes are getting less and less Christmassy. Time for the Brudenell. Varshika joins, fresh from one of several imminent long essays.

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