Thursday, 2 January 2014

Foxwood Steel and East Steel at Tropical World last night.

Well Debs, it's the last lap and here we all are: you, me, Vicky, Bex, Sarah, Sophie and now Charlotte. What happened to the trio! Hey, I am not complaining!

Now we have not only banned Little Donkey this year, but Last Christmas is about to have its last outing. All right for you lot on tune, but there's only so many times you can play C, Am, Dm, and G before terminal boredom has set in. Despite Bex's (as it turns out, correct) misgivings, we attempt to sight-read Sleigh Ride in the semi-dark again. Debs and I do our best to go wrong in different places.

Next East Steel  Mark 2 arrive. This is Wendy, Jeanette, Becky, Cathy, guesting as himself: Peter, me, Bex, Vicky. Shortly after take-off there's a terrible noise of metal on metal as someone's torch drops over the balcony onto a soprano pan. We all feel sick, but it seems to have not hurt any of our beloved steelpans. However Bex refuses to give back the torch until its owner is on the same level as us.

And here ends our steelband year.

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