Saturday, 21 December 2013

Allerton Allstars at Allerton Grange Winter Show

A whole week now passes without a gig. Ah, bliss.

Then next up it's Thursday and it's Allerton Grange winter show. As ever this show is packed full of acts and of talent. My two groups get one song each. We will make them count.

First up is Year 7. They are Kris, Adam, Seb, Phoebe and Finlay, and guest Jonah, supported by Polly and     . They play Monday Morning. They have been playing for four months. I count in; they don't need me; I stand to one side in pride.

Next up is the Year 8 and 9s. They are Polly, Isobel, Rowena, Sophie and Josie. I he3lp out with the tune.They tackle I'm a Believer. This is tricky; they are amazing. George plays kit for both bands. Thanks, George.

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