Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sparrows TakeOver

Leeds Council invited us all to take part in Takeover Day. I put it to the older Sparrows, and so it was that on 22 November 2013, six-formers: Millie C, Chloe and Peter arrived with a completely new fully-written out Under the Sea, two tins of home-made buns iced with Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows Takeover Day and musical signs, and a fully planned session.

Peter turned up in suit and tie, Chloe put her hair up in a bun. Millie C . . well, jeans and a hoody since you ask.

We did Le Onde, and thanks to Chloe's patience and pace, and I have just about learnt the bass line for it. At very long last.

Peter produced a completely new fully arranged version of the Disney sea tune, and we learnt the first half, with a promise that we can finish it. They were patient with the newcomers, without neglecting the more experienced, and brought one more tune than we had time to do. In paticular they didn't just run through numbers, but took songs line by line, even bar by bar.

The buns were as delicious as they were beautiful, but we had to work for our break. At the end, Millie S [longest-serving Sparrow, but is actually still in Year 11] who had decided against taking part in the teaching, tidied all the songsheets up. Which after all is invaluable if you want to find all the tunes again.

I was so proud, and also so moved that they had thought about it, taken the experience seriously, collaborated with each other, without consulting Bart or me, and in particlar, carried their plan out so meticulously. After the Albert Hall, the Festival of Britain, and alongside the Music For Youth concerts, and Helen and Amy bringing Chasing Cars half-worked out, this was one of the great highlights of fourteen years of Sparrows.

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