Saturday, 30 July 2016

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows play Quarry Mount Nursery barbecue

My own van was nicked on Sunday, but, as this is a Sparrows gig we can use the ArtForms Works van. None of the parents or players recognise it as it trundles along [it is massive!] Pennington Street.

It is Thursday early evening, the same time as we normally practise, and the sunny weather just holds. I meet, and realise my contact is Diane Woodley, for whom we used to play at Chapeltown Nursery. Have a hug. Meet drummer, Fidel, whose children I used to teach at City. Nice.

Only problem is the drum-kit. The robbers left all my instruments at the side of the side down a dark cul-de-sac in East End Park, but they did take the snare, its cradle and two little toms. Also the hi-hat stand got bent.
I bought this little gigging kit from Paul Smith nearly twenty years ago for £100, so I like to think they will have got nothing for them. Meantime George appears with a spare snare, I get the Sparrows snare stand, which weighs a ton, then George appears to have the hihat straighter than it ever was.

Michelle and Joanne did a good job on the pictures - as you can see.

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