Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Calder High Workshops

Suzanne found me eventually and one thing led to another. We became the Gang of Five.

éclair travel
First Wednesday, Rick and I in the Big White Works van bringing a large set of pans to Mytholmroyd. Met Yr 6, then Yr 8, then the after school class was older students and teachers. Besides Suzanne, I met Ruth and Johnny. and others. I took the train home. Passed out.

Second Wednesday I drove over to collect the stuff that didn't need to stay, drove back through the West Yorkshire rush hour. Got home, passed out. After that I stuck to the train, announcing that I was en route with pictures of flasks, eclairs and/or books.

Third week Suzanne took me to the Trades Club where her school leavers were giving a concert. I walked along the canal to the station, got home and passed out.

cake-free travel
Then we went to Manchester one Friday to meet Francis and look over some pans that he was selling. I checked them over; Suzanne bought them. That was a good day's work.  Francis had some ace tenor bass stands. I will be back. We went back into the town centre, found a nice little café in a department store and then bought handbags, as you do. [Below some random pics of Manchester]

On the last Wednesday I accidentally got up at 5.15 am, showered and was ready to walk to the station but I had misread the alarm clock. It was only 4 hours sleep and today, the last of my five weeks, it is a full day's workshop and it is outside, in the open air, open to the elements. Eek! Double eclairs today methinks.

The elements were genrally nice and it only rained a bit. We did some workshops; we played some tunes; it was just ace. We used the old standards from the Foxwood Songsheets: London Bridge, Largo, Au Clair de la Lune, Lightly Row, and then, to vary things, we sight-read some two and three chord tunes in C and G, with easy melodies.We took on Wavin Flag for which I scrambled onto the balcony so as to muddle through the tune myself. [Pop songs, eh! That's a whole blog bursting out of me].

Obviously I went home and passed out.

[The pics below are from the concert before it rained, and a coupla more shots of Suzanne's and my day trip to Manchester]. Done arty things with kids' faces]

ladies havin a laugh in the ladies

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