Sunday, 10 July 2016

East Steel at Woodlesford

While Millie, Chloe and I swan it with swans in Staffordshire,

Bex rocks Woodlesford Primary School with East Steel and Steel Rising.

Players ares Bex, Vicky, Trish, Anne, Lynn, Pippa, Wanda, Gill, Josie, George and Kirsty. It rains; they start inside; it stops raining, they move outside.

Moving  a steelband outside inside is not exactly like moving a choir from one place to another. Just mentioning that. It is no mean feat. One minute you are trying to feel the music, getting the buzz from the audience; the next you are a roadie, carting around several kilos of heavy metal [not the musical variety]. With our unpredictable weather these activities are inevitable, but it makes playing music hard. Just putting that out there.

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