Friday, 8 July 2016

Foxwood Steel at Late Learners Event Leeds Uni

Lisa saw Foxwood (and Sparrows) at Unity Day last year and asked us to play for the Late Learners Celebration Event.

Rain was forecast. We were inside. I arrived at the Uni bollards at 3.30. No. Wrong entrance, go down to the entrance on the left. I drove down to the back of  Refec, amongst all the building work, met Lisa and Tom. Wrong entrance , Lisa and I drove back to first bollards. Still wrong entrance, over to University Rd, right entrance fourth time.

So 1. We are now late setting up, and 2. It is Leaving Day for all student houses in Headingley and Hyde Patk. Gridlock and there is a big cricket match at Headingley Stadium. more gridlock. our players are in various traffic jams all round Leeds. Eek!

So it's me Chloe and Yi Bai, then Daisy and Lola appears, then Charlotte and Sheeks, then Vicky. Yi Bai runs back to my house for the hihat. The rest of us play an "acoustic set"; in comes Georgia and Patrick in gridlock recovery. She thinks six of us no kit sounds good. Phew.

Nice sandwiches and posh cakes, cups of tea.

Vicky leaves; Sophie appears. Last lap. Patrick plays one note; Lola plays one tune [Three Little Three Chord Birds]. Load van.

Andrina appears and carries out a pan. The selfie queens get a hold of my camera.

At home Daisy and I change the basses and the Foxwood pans for East Steel ones for tomorrow.

Andrina Tom Daisy

I pack my bag for Staffordshire and fail to concentrate on the recorded Wimbledon.

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