Thursday, 7 July 2016

East Steel at Rawdon St Peter's JUne 2016

It was sunny, with rain predicted. We put up the gazebos. Wanda and Maddie bought rabbits. Who was more pleased?

We were me, Bex, Wanda, Maddie, Lynn, Wendy, Sophie, Vicky, Pippa, Yi Bai.

Heather invited us earlier this year, then in March I played Rawdon St Peters with Rest of the Best. So much easier when you meet the organiser beforehand.

At the end people paid money to tape a teacher to a wall. This bizarre activity put me in mind of the Wicker Man.

Pippa came in shorts. As Charlotte once said to Morgan, That reminds me I need to buy some milk.

But the scariest thing was being invited to judge the headdress competiton. All the headdresses were awesome. Wanda, Maddie and I chose a winner and two runners-up. We still bear the mental scars.

The rain started the minute we put down the gazebos. In the end they had protected us from sunburn.

In my opinion, his was East Steel's finest moment this year. We played beautifully. Was very proud. We get better each year.

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