Sunday, 23 August 2015

South Steel at Black Bull

Three people smiling! I don't believe it! That not the Leeds way!
Well Debs, my turn to watch you!
You arrived back in the UK in time to play Blenheim [with Foxwood/Sparrows], Huddersfield J'ouvert [with Foxwood/Sparrows/South Steel], Charlesworth [with South Steel], Black Bull [with South Steel] and you have Unity to come! This is all in 8 days! On top of a top education job somewhere foreign, and jet lag.
South Steel, with leader, Charlotte Emery, rehearses at the Black Bull, Birstall, and plays gigs there a few times a year.
On Thursday you were Charlotte, you, Holly, Caroline, Neil, Katie, Sarah, Ashley, Tracey, Kirsty, and at one point a large whitish dog. Natnat drummed. Me, Bex and Katie came to support and heckle [no, not heckle!].

Sometimes not playing is weird, especially if there are tunes in common, but it is also a nice change. Who knew someone was having a baby? Not this photographer!

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