Friday, 7 August 2015

Foxwood Steel play Huddersfield Carnival

July 10 2015 and two of us (me and Nat) are on our fifth gig in three days in three different towns. I have to get the van in to Huddersfield Station carpark before 11 a.m.

I do this and park up, and head for some retail therapy as I now hate what I am wearing. One by two and by three the band members tumble out off their trains and out of the station. Today we are Foxwood with guests, Claudia and George, who seems to have recovered from bumping into a few familiar tunes in the Street last night.
We play in St George's Square, outside the station, and we decide to play as the crowds are assembling and up to the point that the parade arrives. Unfortunately the band on the stage has planned to do something similar, but they have microphones and very big speakers. I think they also may have a setlist.
Competing with stage sound systems is a bit disheartening, but we won our own crowd over eventually.

Got filmed and interviewed by Kirklees Television, who also interviewed me about the value of Carnival to Huddersfield. I say all the right things about the value of the Arts in a person's life, and carnival to a town [besides obvious financial benefit to those with things to sell!]. But I do think that these traditions were hard fought for and worth preserving.
Today we are me (Victoria], Bart, Bex, Vicky, Yi Bai, Natalie, Sophie, with guest Sparrows: George and Claudia. Small but perfectly formed.

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