Sunday, 23 August 2015

Leeds Pan Central at Belle Isle Centre

It's that time of year [ie summer] when people want steelbands to play at their functions. Sadly it also that time of year when the steel pannistes go on holiday themselves. So when Tom asked me if I could these four gigs, I couldn't do two myself because I would be at a summer school [and more anon], and nor could Charlotte bring her band. But yes, I was available to do the 6th and 18th.
Lola helping on bass
I put a call out to all three steel bands, over 40 possible players in all. In the end and on the day [the 6th]  we were five Foxwood and one East Steel. Plus Lola helping out on bass a bit. [We should exploit these children more, methinks!]
This was the loveliest setting at Belle Isle Centre. Around the tree was such a natural stage. We were me [Victoria], Vicky, Daisy, Natalie, Maddie and Charlotte.
a busy four days!
But this was just the start of a four day run of gigs. On the old blackboard in my hall, I was nervously adding and losing players as they could or couldn't make it. [Perhaps there should be rules about when to take holidays, and why did Bex want to swim with dangerous fish?]
Oh well, that's one down and three to go! And it was lovely.

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