Sunday, 9 August 2015

East Steel at Pool-in-Wharfedale

In the last four days, between East Steel, Foxwood and Sparrows, we have played six gigs in four towns/villages, namely in Birmingham, Leeds, Huddersfield and now Pool [in Wharfedale!]. [Now Poole would have been a gig too far.]
So when Richard said he would like the sound of a live steel band wafting across the Pool Festival, I thought his reasons for wanting us at his event worthy enough to agree to. He deliberately placed us to one side of the action, and there we were, wafting for the duration.
It was definitely a tea and buns event, and, in fact a cream tea event, with optional plants on the side. I bought peas and courgettes.
We were me, Vicky, Maddie, Lynn, Yi Bai, Wendy [we had both video-ed the Wimbledon Men's Final] Pippa, Kirsty, Wanda, Anne and Trish. It was a perfect unpressurised end to the Madness [that was the six in one in four].

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