Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Foxwood and Steel Rising at Kippax

Actually this is me, Gary, Emma and Amanda at Kippax Social Club, not exactly a gigging or well-rehearsed band, more four people, five pans and at point, Amanda's surprised daughter, Amy.
Foxwood at piece Hall Halifax 1988 [?]
Seacroft Green [late 80s]
School Hall Seacroft late 80s
TUC rally 2000ish
Meanwood late 80s
Emma B, who used to be in East Steel and in Steel Rising until she had Woody, five years ago, hasn't played for that length of length - five years plus.
Amanda, back in the day when she was in my class and school steel band was Mandi Blackburn with a little flower over the i in Mandi; now she has just become Amanda Lucas with her new Canadian husband.
Clitheroe 2000ish
Foxwood 1987/8
Otley Carnival 2000
There is a clue here - Amanda has been Canada, also for years and hasn't played with Foxwood for years, though she does have her own pan still over there.
Both of them - Emma and Amanda tried to get out of playing, but since when did Foxwood ever practise!  We would have lost 50% of the "band"! We let them stand at the back, and played until the guests arrived, okay, as the guests arrived.
Scott took photos of the four of us. And I have added pics from Amanda's schooldays and some from before she left again from Canada. Enjoy. I have done.

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