Friday, 20 June 2014

Foxwood East Sparrows play Headingley Festival.

So, it turns out that we didn't play Beeston, but, as Jane said "Beeston's loss was Headingly's gain". Not, I think if you listened too closely to our rendition of Clocks. We were all up for not just playing but opening with it, quite forgetting there was no one to play the harmonies, and I haven't played the tune on stage since 2000 and whatever! Not in this decade anyway.
It fell to Tim and Bart to be impressive drummers, something I usually have a go at drummers for! But needs must, and they plugged many a gap! By the third tune we were fine. We were Claudia [Sparrows], Wanda and Kirsty [East Steel], Tim [Foxwood], Vicky [Foxwood and East Steel], Bart [Foxwood, Sparrows] and myself [Foxwood, Sparrows, East Steel]. Well, we do have some common repertoire but really there's no point in having three bands with all the same tunes!
By the third song we were in recovery, and finished with an encore from the one lady at the front of the audience marquee.
Before that we did a workshop in the back playground next to John Davison's footballers. He had promised them that Wayne Rooney was dropping in at 3.45pm, and despite our doubts, thinking that Wayne was actually in Brazil losing us the World Cup again, the young ex-Everton player did in some form appear.
You may guess from my comment that I have issues with ex-Evertonians who desert to play for [or even manage] Man U! My great-grandparents had shares with Everton way back in yet another century, and the greatest sacrifice my grandfather ever made was not to attend the Cup Final the year his daughter was born. And, when John finished sellotaping Wayne to his head, it was all too realistic!

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