Friday, 20 June 2014

Foxwood play for John and Fiona's wedding

We were me, Bex, Georgia, Vicky, Natalie, Tim, Bart, Sophie and Daisy and we rocked Meanwood Church with Pachelbel's Kanon, Three Little Birds, some more tunes and then of course You'll never Walk Alone.
I started welling up as Fiona came through the doors, but kept myself under control after that. A few wobbly moments [musically and emotionally] through Kanon, then You'll never Walk Alone was the most mesmerising and intense ever. In the church; for that song on that occasion, it was as if we all collectively stopped breathing till the end.
It poured with rain, but it was a beautiful early summer day, and no weather got in the way of a beautiful occasion.
For the time being our only picture is of me, Bex and a Scottish piper.
After that Rick and I went to the Reception at TJs. Here is an impressionist view of people dining. Okay, it's a blurred photograph, but it was private do.

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