Saturday, 28 June 2014

Foxwood Steel play Lawnswood Prom at Weetwood Hall

Debs, just to make life more complicated there was a test match at Headingley, so .. . . . .

 . . . . . in order not to be late for the Foxwood Weetwood gig, I had taken the Foxwood pans up to Weetwood earlier on in our blue van, then driven over to Holy Rosary in the Works' white van, then, having loaded back into the white van the mostly ArtForms pans and kit, I waited for Rick to drive the empty blue van over to Chapeltown, where I swapped with him [luckily we are both authority drivers]; he went back home and I took the empty blue van up to Weetwood, where I discovered the ancient state of my Foxwood vest meant that both Bex and Daisy banned me from wearing it. [Anyway I am really proud of East Steel at the moment so wearing the green was not a problem].
Okay, we played; we were ace and we were me, Bex, Vicky [whose school prom it was], Daisy, Fehmina, Sophie, Tim, Bart and Charlotte.
I know there's some ace pics with the Lawnswood Prommers but here we are just before they arrived.
On Saturday before Otley, Tim and Bex swapped the pans from blue to white as required as Foxwood and East Steel were playing together. But Debs that's tomorrow's gig. And I haven't even mentioned taking Sparrows' pans to Chloe's dad's garage yet.

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