Saturday, 19 April 2014

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows and Allerton Allstars at Allerton Grange Showcase

And so, Debs onto one of the best concerts of my social calendar. Here I saw Glassbody first live and somewhat unexpected for the first time.

The Sparrows have reached a point where there are more Allerton Grange students in this band than from any other [high] school. And Sam M and I thought it would be entirely appropriate for them to guest at the Showcase.

So, we did. Then, because Allerton Grange is not quite on the beaten track, Sparrows were not so sure about getting there, and other complications, of coursework and the like. So I asked a few extra players jut in case, and lift favours from Bex and Vicky, Wendy brought Peter, no idea how Chloe got there but Bex took her and Millie C home.

Gigs next to stations, Debs, that's the way to do it!

It was hard, Debs, to take over from another teacher, at this school, and it has taken four years, but we  were blown away with our reception. Dohl players and rock guitarists came over and hi-fived us (well, verbally), and a lady from the audience just came to shake my hand. (I love it when people do that). The Sparrows supported the two Allerton Grange Allstar bands, and sight-read Redemption Song.

It was a lot of effort but, not only were we received well, and the overall standards and variety at this concert at this school always make it worth attending. Two many stand-out artists to mention! Would have given the Garforth Music for Youth competitors a run for their money.

[I'll insert the pics just as soon as Fehmina shows me how to unzip them.]

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