Thursday, 17 April 2014

Golden Owls at Leeds Town Hall

On Wednesday April 2 I attended the red carpet do that was the Golden Owls Awards Ceremony.
This event at Leeds Town Hall was the prize-giving ceremony for Leeds Young Film-makers. I met up with colleagues, Aretha, Patsy [who was main organiser of this event], and Sarah, got photographed with Lord Mayor, then bumped into Xanthe and her students, who were nominated for and won an award.
It was a wonderful affirmation and celebration of young people moving into this artform and being taken seriously. David Dimbleby was booked originally to be the host, but was called away to arbitrate at that debate between Clegg and Farage. He sent a rather moving video clip about the importance of film-making.
[If I ever find the other photos I will post them in here. At least Xanthe got this one to me.]

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