Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Playing Fields and the Head of Steam, and . . .

Obviously Debs, I work my leisure time around your farewell parties. But first Sue demanded my presence at a photo-shoot. So it's over first to the Leeds Girls High Playing Fields to tell the government in our small way - don't talk about Olympic Inheritance and then sell off even more school playing fields. For inner-city children with little playing space these fields, around which I once ran in my youth, would be a bit of a bonus. This is us with the photographer.

I dropped my bicycle at home, then Rick dropped me at the station; I missed the first train, consequently bumped into Marina and spent a very informative journey till she gets off at Mirfield. [Marina is a costume designer from Huddersfield who didn't play Huddersfield Carnival but who is about to play Leeds. I am a steelband leader who played lead float at Huddersfield Carnival but who has not been asked to play Leeds for the second year running.]

Here you are practising wrapping a pan stick in the Head of Steam. It was shortly after this I grabbed my camera and dashed off to catch the 10.16. It was shortly after that that I found I had also grabbed your mobile. I already knew that you were leaving Huddersfield at 6 a.m. in order to get an early flight back to the Emirates, so . . .

Consequently here we are at the station again, this time at 6a.m. with cups of tea, the station cat and you on the train just before the doors close.

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