Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Donovan's Day 2012

The downpours were massive and in the end finished this day, which had started so wonderfully. I felt a bit sorry about it all, then later I saw the news on tele, and remembered/realised the rain had rained on us all. And there were people in Jedburgh and Bradford who had rivers for streets.

John and his team did everything to make this day happen, including camping overnight at the venue, bouncy castles, marquees. Danny did the barbecue. I might be biased but it was ace.
The bands were Sparrows: Amy, Sophie, Georgia, Jack, Millie S, Peter, Ashley, East Steel: Lynn, Anne, Vicky, Tricia, Peter, Foxwood: Georgia, Amy, Sophie, Daisy, Lizzie, Vicky, plus me and Bex for the lot; Smalls were James and Michael, who unloaded like they born to it [well, actually, I rather think they are]; resident MP sheltering in the marquee was Fabian Hamilton.

Bex, Anne, Lynn and Ali drummed up support at the entrance. Frank, one of the Huddesrfield float drivers came all the way over to Leeds in order to spend an hour or so sheltering in our marquee. While we failed to keep anything dry. Perhaps our best moment was Anne's wet tee-shirt winning entry [see below, and see also the water collecting in her pan!]

We tried out various means of playing in the rain, including the plastic poncho, which wasn't a great success. We played If it's Raining and Singin in the Rain, as you do. And we put a brave face on it all, and the bands were a total wonderful credit to the world of performing in difficult circumstances.

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