Friday, 17 August 2012

Glasgow on Sunday evening

Rick was a bit surprised when I said I was about to go to Glasgow. I had only just got back from Manchester the slow route, and I was about to travel again. I was on a mission. Here's a clue [in the picture on the right].

I stayed at the Rennie MacIntosh Hotel which is attached to Central Station. This would have been extremely convenient had my train not come into Queen Street Station. But I navigated my way from one station to another with maps. Yes, Amy, it's an app on my new and much reviled phone.

The lady at Central Station's M and S said I couldn't drink the cider on the train. I was planning only on collapsing in front of the Olympics closing ceremony. In the end this required me to re-attach the scart leads to the various digiboxes. This wonderfully idiosyncratically designed building includes these windows. I was at the very top of the building, the velux window opening out to the world. From here I could commune with the seagull, and, as I had not planned, listen to the early morning traffic.

I watched the ceremony; was pleased to see Ray [singing one of my all-time favourite tunes], disappointed not to see Adele. I think it may have become a national sport: which acts should and which shouldn't. I guess, in the end, it may have come down to, which acts could.

Very friendly hotel. Loved the uneven floors of tartan carpet; nice atmosphere. Long may it remain so.

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