Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Camping at Howgill, Barden

Summer usually throws up three of my favourite gigs:

1. Huddersfield Carnival 2. Manchester Carnival 3. Leeds Carnival. Now there is nothing, absolutely nothing more exciting than being on a float being driven through a town with a large West Indian population playing a tradtional West Indian instrument and being applauded for it.

Obviously steelpans are only really the instrument from one part of the West Indies, and these days sound systems are more popular and more prevalent in UK carnivals, but Huddersfield and Manchester still do insist on proper steelbands in their theirs.

Besides the carnivals,  Donovans Day, Mig's birthday, and the YMCA that's all the weekends filled up, and then I have agreed to two midweek sessions at the Leeds Hospital School room.  I am doing holidays in 3 days bursts.
So, quick, it's me and JJ, and Danny and Maya hitting Howgill Lodge Campsite at Barden near Appletreewick. Jordan and I set up Tent One, have a cuppa,  play cards, go for a walk, check out the bats and the owl and wait for Danny and Maya. And wait, and wait . . . .

. . . .  we're out of signal here in the Dales, so eventually I guide a very lost Danny here by us both phoning Rick.

Next day it's lunch in Grassington. Here's Maya checking out the menu.

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