Monday, 20 August 2012

Fingal's Cave

And so the day finally dawned. Some question over the weather, and not actually landing on Staffa, but in the end, several decades after Miss X, trainee teacher at Harehills Primary School, Leeds played us this most wonderful of piece of music, and made us draw what we thought we heard. . . . 

Several decades pass as I tell myself I would really love to go, and now, it’s a ferry to Mull, a coach drive across Mull to Fionnphort, with the drollest of driver/guide-commentators [we loved him!], and a little boat across the rolling seas to Staffa. 

FYI: Fingal's Cave, the Hebrides Overture is my favourite piece of music. That teacher who played me this tune in my last year of primary school left me with something enduring to love.  

A few years later my piano teacher, Mrs Macklin who lived on Dib Lane foolishly found a piano version for me. I spent two years  . . .  And I still play it, well bits of it . . .now.
Here's Ann on the boat over from Oban to Mull, me at the jetty at Fionnphort [which Ann and I called Fiona Port until we had a proper look at the spelling], me in boat approaching Staffa, me in the Cave and Ann lying on the cliffs above.

We get left there for an hour; Ann tours [when I say tour . . . . ] Staffa; I hang around said cave, drinking tea and pinching myself that I am really here.

Here's me having a cuppa just outside the Cave. Here's the Cave. Here's a little basalt sub-island. The little boat that brought us here. After that, this is the three isles tour and we have to do Iona.

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