Friday, 13 April 2012

Foxwood Steel and Foxwood Doves at Gateway Church Easter Sunday at Notre Dame

Well Debs, it's the last lap this Easter break, and when I'm getting the 20 to 11 train from Harrogate last night, I know, and so does Bex, Joe MC, Varshika, Amy and Sophie, that there will be no Sunday lie-in. It's the thought of tea and hot cross buns at 10.30 that keeps me going. And now it's Sunday morning and now we are joined by Vicky, Katie and Lizzie. Helen, from Gateway agrees to guest on one song, which was probably an ask too far,
she ends up standing/sitting there for all the sets.Sorry, Helen.
There's some pictures of Bex still on the walls of the hall at Notre Dame, from when she was at college here. Does this mean she was very important student, or that they don't change their displays very often?

We play all our top tunes. We have realised that, in the absence of yourself, Gig, Danielle and Charlotte, it's up to me and Bex to play most of the melodies, and sometimes on one of our owns. Eek. Lizzie and Varshika take a couple of numbers. It's Matt from Gateway Church who is responsible for our lack of lie-in, but who does take some nice pics of us. And the hot cross buns were plentiful and lovely.

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