Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows play Harrogate International Festival of Performing Arts, and Victoria and Daisy get a bit older

Now then Debs, it should be the Easter "break", but now we have the small matter of the Harrogate International Festival, and all my family's Easter birthdays. Did I say "small"!

Monday: Down the Brudenell Social first to raise a glass to me and Daisy. We were Cherie, Liz, Bex, Natalie, Gig, Danny, Katie and Vicky. And Rick!

: Lionel comes up from London toattend a conference which is actually on Wednesday next week. As you do.

A few Sparrows were able to gather at West Park to show Lionel how it's done in Leeds . [Lionel is band leader for Nostalgia, London marching band that finished my knees off a few years ago at Notting Hill Carnival]. Available Sparrows were Millie S, Ashley H, Evie, and leaders: me and Bex.

After that we took the cello pans and two sopranos down the steps to collect the day after;
and I went to Daisy's to eat cake, Rick took Lionel to Beckett Park so he could cycle round where he studied his B Ed; I went to pick up my mother from the dentist, only by the time I found out where the dentist was, she'd taken a taxi home; I called on her . . . . .

I made Daisy a cake; took Lionel back to the station, and then back to Daisy's . . . well, it was a long day.

On Saturday Amy, Ashley and Evie got the one minute to at Leeds City; me, Bex, Varshika, Millie C, Millie S, Nyla, Nina, Maisie and Joe got the same train at Burley Park at two past the hour and then Sophie jumped on at Horsforth a few minutes after that. [I left my bag on the platform; Nyla picked it up and put it on the train - even before I had time to feel sick about leaving all the music, spare sticks and diary of everything. . and whatever.

We watched a German brass band in the square opposite the station in Harrogate: same square that we had played in two years ago, walked down to the Royal Hall, met Rick and the van, Fehmina appeared, loaded in, set up, had a cup of tea, [looked up to see the band looking in the cafe window] did a sound check, went for chips, did the show. Got moved from ending first half to starting second half. And thus got to see the band from China. Thus went from 8.40 train home to getting the 10.40. We said, if the other bands can come all the way from Canada and China, then we're sure we can manage a late train back to Leeds.

We were on form, on fire even; and the Chinese band was mesmerising.

Would have slept most of Sunday, but we were to play at Notre Dame for Gateway Church.

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