Sunday, 13 May 2012

One night in Kirkby Stephen

Well Debs, second half of the Easter Hols, and I'm having that -it's-the-holiday-and-what-have-you-done-to-show-for-it  feeling. I helped Walt celebrate getting older down at the Brudenell; I got a new mobile from Sarah. It's a touch-screen one, which, at a touch, can take what you have just typed and re-arrange the letters to form meaningless and sometimes foreign words with strange Scandinavian accents. Well, Debs, it's me or the phone!

I decide to find something within my budget on the Settle to Carlisle railway and end up passing a refreshing two days in Kirky Stephen, investigating viaducts and wild flowers. And inadvertently going on massive walks. These pictures might bring back some Dales memories for you.

No gigs or rehearsals for a week, so here's picture of Foxwood and co at Leeds Carnival in times past. Charlotte's dancing, so it's probably Swan Lake!

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