Monday, 9 April 2012

Foxwood Steel, Leeds Silver Doves and RJC Youth Dance Company at Clarendon Wing Grand Opening

I thought it was nice of the Countess/Duchess of Wessex to come up for my birthday. Yes, it's Wednesday 28 March. And we've worked out a rough version of Breakaway for Kathy's dancers to dance to.

When I say we, I mean, when I realised that Peter B from Crawsahw also played the organ in church, I thought he might be just the person. "I bet you've got a degree in Music, " I said. Actually most music teachers have. So I wasn't exactly taking a wild guess here. And he did. I gave him the CD, and while I was wobbling away with the BTEC pan class with Jar of Hearts or Oh When the Saints or whatever, he extracted the bones of the melody, the chord sequence and little brass riffs. "But", he said, "it seems speeded up," "Nope. That how fast we have to play it." OMG.

Katie got to the Clarendon Wing first. Actually, punctuality seems to run in this family [sister, Bex is always on time as well. Natalie is the other punctual band member but she's not the same family and she isn't actually playing today. Also you Debs, but you're not even in the UK]. Organiser Debra W has the store room keys where we find the pans and kit that Rick the driver and I brought here last night. [Although I don't actually do punctual I do do getting ready the day before]. We are set up and ready. Play some tunes. Kathy's troupe dances to some, in the end prefering Dead or Alive to Breakaway. Joe Mc and Tim just about manage the speed. Eek!
The Lord Mayor is here. He just can't keep away from us. He probably knows the chord sequence to We Nah Going Home by now. It being a hospital I try a little subtle Harry Potter theme, but it seems that everyone wants loud and Carnival, so after it's more or less soca all the way.
I am not a royalist, Debs, as you know, but Duchess Sophie, is great at what she does. Great with the kids, great speaking, looks the royal part. Today we are me, Daisy, Georgia [and Maya], Katie, Sophie, Varshika, Tim, Joe Mc, Nina and Maisie. Dancers are from RJC Youth Dance Company. And, after we have played and packed the van, there is a little buffet for us [all of us: organisers, dancers, band], which is just perfect. You can't beat hospitality like that. After the wonderful feeling of playing together with nine other great players, taking food together like this seals an event.
Maya befriends a small dog, and eats all my strawberries.

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