Thursday, 5 April 2012

East Steel and some Foxwood and a Dove at Harewood House on 18 March 2012

Debs, What with all these gigs in March I nearly forgot the One Mile Whatever which was the day after Oakwood. This was an Age UK fund raising event, as they all are these days. Your friends pay a third person a few pounds for you to raise a sweat in some sporting way. I can see that it works, but, personally, I'm more in favour of a sponsored litter-pick. Anyway, they wanted some music; another band had pulled out, and despite my misgivings about sporting sponsorship in general, it is a nice little outing for me and my bands, both amateur and desperately-trying-to-be-professional.
East Steel, as you know, because you also have played with them, is Leeds ArtForms Music Centre steelband. Leaders are myself and Bex. Players range in age from 12 to 70, and vary in their musical experience and ability. Some play other instruments; some were rubbished musically as children
[as indeed I was] by their teachers. East Steel is a home for players to find themselves in and feel safe in. And it is also place for all players to push themselves in, as soon as they feel ready.
Back to to Harewood. From East Steel were Judy, Joyce, Bella, Vicky, Anne, Alli, Lynn, Adele; Amy was our Dove; from Foxwood Natalie, Vicky [member of both bands], Sarah, me and Bex. Michale and James helped Bex play kit when Natalie needed a break.
Choosing where to play was tricky. There was a little stage/marquee/sound system alongside the other little stalls, which include food and drinks and brilliant toilets.
We felt it better to be away from them, because some very unhappy past experiences [Debs, you remember Knaresborough?] have included trigger happy DJs.
Debs, we needn't have worried. The sound system went louder and quieter as was needed, and did not attempt to drown out the live music; the organisers allowed us to choose where we wanted play; and it didn't rain.
And afterwards, on bliss, the food place went on serving teas and chips; there were benches to sit and the birds of prey hovered above and let us take pics. Some of us stayed on and waited for the traffic to calm down.
Vicky and I posed on the start line. So nice after we've packed away and Rick [driver] has gone off to join the traffic queues.
Of course, there's unloading later, but that's later. And here's a litte film clip on youtube, filmed by Sarah, youtubed by Andy.

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