Saturday, 31 March 2012

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows at Leeds Town Hall CLYM Prom

There were four of us: City of Leeds Youth Orchestra, Leeds Youth Jazz and Rock Orchestra, Leeds Youth Percussion Ensemble and Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows.

The theme was film music. Sparrows played Your Song, Harry Potter, Diamonds are Forever, I Will Always Love You and We Nah Goin Home. Your Song made me cry - it was so beautiful. Half the band didn't hear the count in for Harry Potter so it made the beginning sound really aethereal, as those who did hear held their nerve and kept going and then the others crept in - as if it was all planned. Phew! We missed our lovely trumpet-playing Sanna on Diamonds Are Forever; so here is a picture of the Sparrows at City of Leeds School last summer with Sanna playing it - the trumpet, that is and the melody for Diamonds Are Forever.

I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton, was our tribute to the late Whitney, whose life and great talent all fell away from her. So sad.

I wrote I Will Always Love You out Foxwood style 4weeks ago, putting in all the 3 beat bars and the 2 beat bars, and after 3 weeks of struggling, and crucially trying it out on the The Rest of the Best, I then ruthlessly excluded bar after stupid diminshed, major ninth suspended whatevers, changed its key back back to the original A Flat, then spent Sunday watching Dancing on Ice final and playing piano to the youtube Whitney and Dolly during the adverts. Thus I Will Aways Love calypso found its final form.

At the Town Hall rehearsal we spent ten minutes putting a unison ending on, polished it, then I completely forgot during the actual performance so it came to a sticky end! Hmmm.

Ashley put on the harness and did pan de neck for We Nah Goin Home. At Bradford St George's he had been a bit hesitant; now, as they say, walking down the aisles, he owned it. Great set. Me and Natalie very proud. Contributing schools were: City of Leeds, South Leeds, Abbey Grange, Allerton Grange, Leeds College, Woodhouse Grove and some ex-students. Players were Chloe, Millie S, Peter, Han, Antonio, Varshika, Amy, Maisie, Nina, Ciara, Claudia, Tim, Dominic, Isobel, Ashley H, Joe Mc. [Fehmina texted me as we sat down again asking if we were still doing that gig. Hmmm

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