Thursday, 22 March 2012

Foxwood Steel play for Sarah's Hair Show for Barnado's at Woodkirk

Hi Debs, It's early March in the UK, it's dark and a bit nothing. Not an attractive time of year. But Sarah the Hairdresser has a fund-raising event for Barnado's on the 5th at Woodkirk Country Club, and it's me, Daisy, Georgia, Natalie, Vicky and Katie. Instead of going home at the end of the working day, we go for how lost you can be on the Dewsbury Road before depression sets in. It's a close shave.

I enticed the daughters into the gig on the grounds that we owed this to the person who had once tried to cut Lola's hair. [Not for the faint-hearted].

We are the warm-up for the show, a few tunes before the hair-cuts. Finishing at 7.30 I am anxious to get home. Alas it's a fashion show, and Gig and Diz are giving Sarah a bit more support than I have time for. I have to drag them away.

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