Friday, 23 March 2012

Foxwood Steel at Oakwood Farmers Market

Hey Debs

Now it's spring at Oakwood Clock again. And Debs, we have run out of drummers. Natalie is at music centre; Joe Mo is working; Alan is in Spain; Joe Mac is in Brighton; Varshika doesn't consider herself a drummer [but she always gives in to popular pressure whenever I attempt, myself to sit at the kit]. Enter Tim, Diane's friend's nephew. And he coped excellently with all the instructions/bullying. Varshika did one number. Here's her pre-performance Dormouse impression.

The fine weather of the previous week is evaporating into droplets of rain and we have a two-gazebo moment. And it's also the third setlist of the season. I have printed off twelve copies and lost two before tune 3. Charlotte tacked a copy to the gazebo pole. Lizzie overslept for her favourite gig of the year! But still made it for most. The picture on the right I call "Wondering".

They love us here, and we love them. So they have booked us a year in advance for next year: March 16 2013; that's plenty of time to lose six drummers in!

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