Friday, 23 March 2012

Sparrows and Doves at Music For Youth at Harrogate St Aidans School

Well Debs, I still have that cold that started when you were there at Tropical World Day One. I don't do off-work, but I did let Rick take the pans to St Aidan's on his own, while I reacquainted myself with sofa in the front room, and as usual, slept through the Archers.

We are playing this festival, the Music For Youth Regional just as Sparrows are moving their main practices from City of Leeds School to West Park; I have afore-mentioned multi-dimensional cold, and the flippin' Old Guard are getting older and now, even Amy is too old to be M4Y Sparrow. And Varshika is working 7am till 3pm in Leeds [and that means she is probably waking up at least two hours after she has started work. Can M and S tell that she is still asleep?]
This is our seventh year; got the mellow songs sorted way back in September; always knew they would be Your Song and Days, both classics; you, Debs, are usually our source of soca tunes but you're moving between Almondbury and Huddersfield while looking wistfully over the Atlantic; and none of previous tunes are inspiring me. In the end, Ashley says he knows Trinidad so init goes; then I added Moves Like Jagger. A two-chord wonder; the kids hated it, but they played it so well they fooled us all.

Stations: Carrie-ann met the first lot at Leeds City; the rest of us got on at Burley Park. Sparrows were the really old guard : Joe, Danielle, the nearly equally regular: Millie S, newish-comers: Ashley, Jenner, Evie, Nina, Maisie, Claudia, Millie C, Chloe, new-comers: Peter, Yash, Antonio, Nyla, Han. [Varshika was still at the shop tills in Leeds - we survived]. Staff were me, Bex, Joe [who thought that I had tricked him into getting to the station on time, by not revealing the actual train time!], Carrie-ann, Bart; parents were Trish, Wendy and Steve, Adele and Evie's mum; sisters were Jeanette; guests were Diane and her pal, Ruth.

Getting off at Hornbeam Park, walking down to Oatlands Whatever, tellin some kids off for not looking carefully as they cross over side roads, turn round to find Bart doing a wheelie in his wheelchair off the kerb on the side street. OMG! Just can't get the staff these days!

I asked Mark from St Aidan's to give Sparrows first, and Doves last slots. The penultimate band finished; there was a silence; we knew that even as the applause died away Vicky was collecting Varshika from Hornbeam Park. Then the doors open; Varshika runs through the hall and straight out the back doors to put her Doves top on. There's only three Doves proper this year: Joe, Varshika and Danielle; Ashley, Nina and Maisie guest for them; they do Morning, In the Hall of the Mountain King, and Sweet Soca. The judges think that Grieg "would have been thrilled". These are songs decades into the Foxwood repertoire, given a new airing. And Doves, new and old were ace. And did us justice.

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