Sunday, 28 September 2014

East Play Elland Road New Police Station

Well, Debs, Harehills is behind us, now over to Beeston. Today we are me, Bex, Wanda, Kirsty, Anne, Lynn, Sophie and Trish. Trish is nervous cos this is one of the places that she works at, and Lynn's nervous cos her daughter works here, and is in fact here in person.

John drumming for us
After our wonderful playing yesterday, we are braced for today, and again are outside on concrete and in front of a large obelisk. Buses and cars constantly passing on the busy main road; today's bouncy castle is safely at the back of our pics.
John as Conductor
We don't have a formal drummer so it's me and Bex again, of which Bex is a really drummer and I just beat time, nervously contemplating fills that I never pull off!
But hark, what do we setting up opposite ready to play after us. T'is the Police Band! To cut a long story short, John their conductor becomes John our drummer for a few tunes. And what a lovely supportive drummer he is.

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