Sunday, 28 September 2014

East Steel rocks Coldcotes Avenue Harehills Leeds

setting up
Well, I kinda wondered what sort of fine mess we were letting ourselves in for. Three hours in a church in Harehills. It seemed like a long stretch on your day off. Well, I need not have worried. Apart from the fact that Coldcotes Avenue is nowhere near Coldcotes Terrace, Coldcotes Circus, or Coldcotes Every other Street.
I said to a postie I saw trying to catch up on his round, "I bet you know where Coldcotes Avenue is", and, Debs, he did. Yes I was late.
We were at St Cyprian and St James Church. The church grounds on this bright September morning were empty apart from the rest of the band and a bouncy castle. Why don't they fit more naturalistically into their surroundings? Do the castle-makers assume children won't bounce unless they are bright orange and purple? Or blue, as it today?

Lynn meets fellow ex-ambulance driver
Well, Debs, I should have had more faith [atheist that I am!]. This was indeed the gig from heaven. It was one long stream of mugs of tea, plus buns and sandwiches, and more buns. Children paused on their way to the big purple blob and asked us if they play on it; Chris the care-worker became Chris the Photographer.
It was so warm we could play outside, had a nice little paved around a cross, with brick walls to amplify us cleanly.
We sold 2 CDs and a couple of people said they would go to Natalie's class at East Leeds Music centre.


Having no drummer until we harassed Ashley long enough on the mobile, Bex and I swapped kit for tune; Pippa and Sophie managed a few tunes each; Wanda, Lynn and Anne enjoyed some passive smoking. We got excited when Ash appeared on his bike, leathers and helmet, moaning about a hangover. Who cares! It was time for The Flood, We Nah Goin' Home and Clocks.
Sophie texting by cross
Unable to cope with the dropped packets and bottles, at the end, Anne suddenly appeared with a bin liner, and a small group of them [East Steel] litter-picked. Nice.

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